Stuff I've made and taken a photos of, some things I've written, mostly random things I like such as Lush (which I have a side blog for), quotes, art, food and random things that are occasionally weird. Some things will be mine but not all. Ever need advice on anything feel free to message me!♡
Um I'm a girl if your wondering....
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    Litwick is so cutee!!!

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    "I was tired of working retail, so I lied on my resume and said that I had bookkeeper experience. I learned as much as I could from Google before the job interview, and printed out balance sheets to practice on. After I got the job, I read as much as I could every morning on the train. It was nerve wracking at first, but I presented the numbers at the end of the month, and everything checked out. May not have been the best way to get a job, but hey— I’ve got a son to look out for."

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    Honestly do I have any rich followers who want to #bless me with 400$ worth of makeup? That would be neato

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    never in my life did I think that toilet doors would make me so angry

    i love you chongo

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  • "Truth is, I’m a fucking romantic. I’m difficult but I promise - I’m not boring."








    Rules : Message me your phone number on anon, I’ll text you for a week without knowing who you are or what you look like to only get to know your personality . At the end of the week you can send me a picture of you

    This sounds interesting.

    Oh my god do it.

    Do it.


    are you guys crazy.

    LOL wtf

    This is not really a good idea because now they have your phone number. ..